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  • Hilt material - aluminum (anodized painting);
  • The blade is not included. To add a blade, check the boxes next to the "PixelBlade RGB" or / and "Dueling kit";
  • Warsabers NeoCore soundboard (Russia) with Smoothswings algorithm support;
  • Removable battery INR21700-50E, 5000 mAh;
  • Micro-USB / Type-C port on the case for charging and connecting to a PC. Micro-USB cable included. The power adapter is not included. (Adapter parameters: Output voltage - 5V, output current 1-2 A);
  • Bass speaker 28 mm, 2 W.
Hilt color
80 $
  • Material - impact resistant polycarbonate;
  • Length- 92 cm;
  • Wall thickness - 3 mm;
  • RGB LED stripe inside.

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Completed with standard empty blade (92 cm long, 2 mm wall thickness) and a Tri-Cree LED converter module, which is installed by default in to blade holder.

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  • Design – Warsabers, Russia;
  • Lenght: 295 mm;
  • OD: 28-38 mm;
  • Blade depth (aprox) – 70/55 mm (Neopixel/NeoCree converter module);
  • Blade retention screw – M4, 1 pcs.;
  • Leather not installed. Leather stripe is included for self-installation;
  • The ability to combine two lightsabers into a staff using a special connector (selling separately);
  • Сovertech wheel and belt clip selling separately;
  • Hilt is designed for hard dueling.

The photo may differ slightly from the finished product, due to manual processing of the product and the peculiarities of color transfer by the camera and screen

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Warsabers NeoCore Soundboard (Russia) with Smoothswings algorithm support:

  • 4 built-in sound profiles. Ability to add new profiles and sounds. You can buy and download additional sound profiles at;
  • Smoothswing’s advanced motion recognition technology continuously generates sword swing / movement sounds in real time based on the intensity of the swing / movement;
  • 18 different types of lightsaber sound effects: on, off, smooth swing (2 types), strong swing, background hum of work, hit, blaster hitting, clinch, force, combo, acceleration, stab, profile switch, profile name, background music, the sound of the transition of the lightsaber from sleep mode to ready mode;
  • 10 system sounds: connecting a charger, volume levels (4 pcs.), switching sound and color profiles, menu background sound, entering the settings menu, saving settings;
  • 24 color blade profiles (various colors, styles, effects). Blade lighting effects: smooth advance / retraction of the blade, flashes in random places of the blade when hitting / bouncing the blaster, blade flickering, clinch effect. The ability to customize each profile or effect, as well as add new profiles;
  • 40 adjustable basic lightsaber settings, such as volume, sensitivity of swing, strike, stab, etc. The settings are made using the SettingsEdditor.exe program (on the SD card) or manually in the settings files;
  • 41 customization of blade color profiles. You can read more about the profile settings in the instructions for the NeoCore soundboard;
  • Indication of the battery charge level in standby mode by means of the color and length of the blade at the base (from red to green);
  • Built-in protection of the battery against overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit;
  • Built-in controller of charging from USB sources;
  • Removable SD card, which can be accessed by connecting the sword through the micro-USB connector to a PC. Customization of the lightsaber is done directly on the SD card.
  • For PixelBlade RGB equipment:  1″, 92 cm long blade, 3 mm wall thickness and a bullet tip. RGB LED strips are installed inside the blade along the entire length and allow you to customize any blade color. This version is suitable for most users, because includes better lighting effects and the highest brightness of the blade. For hard dueling the PixelBlade RGB imposes certain restrictions, because the cost of replacing the blade in case of breakage is quite high.It is possible to independently install a special converter module with Tri-Cree LEDs in to blade holder to use standard empty blades (blade and converter module are purchase separately);


  • For duelling kit equipment: standard 1″ empty blade (92 cm long, 2 mm wall thickness). Powerful Tre-Cree RGB LED are installed at the blade holder and allow you to customize any blade color. This version is suitable for users who plan to use a lightsaber in the hard dueling conditions with heavy loads on the blade and the probability of damaging or breaking the blade – the cost of replacing the blade is not high. Light effects are applied to the entire blade at once because only one powerful Tri-Cree LED is used at the base. The brightness of the blade is less than that of the PixelBlade RGB, but the operating time from one battery charge increases. It is possible to install the PixelBlade RGB (purchased separately). For installation need to remove the converter module from the blade holder.


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