Soundboard CerbeRUS NeoCore

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Soundboard CerbeRUS NeoCore

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    • Size – 22x50x5mm;
    • NeoPixel support (ws2812 and similar) with two Data chanel. Max amperage – 20 A;
    • Smoothswing algoritm with accent swings support;
    • Tri-cree led support only through led extender board, connected to Aux pads.
    • Buffered Data signal. No need resistor before blade;
    • Power supply – 3-5V
    • Sound – 16bit, 16 – 96 kHz/sec, class D speaker driver;
    • Memory – microSD card (FAT32).

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  • Dimensions 50x22x5mm (1.98×0.87×0.2in) (Smaller than CerbeRUS Core by 20mm);
  • NeoPixel support (WS2812, WS2812B, WS2813 (RGB) with two Data channel. Max
    Amperage 20A (recommended 4 pcs strips 1m length);
  • Full shutdown power supply from NeoPixel stripe in deep sleep mode. No need kill key;
  • Deep sleep mode with 0,0000007A Drain. No need kill key;
  • 3 group of solder pads for easy wiring NeoPixel stripes;
  • Best sound MCU for 2W 4/8 ohm speakers. Max volume;
  • 3 axis gyroscope + 3 axis accelerometer for perfect swing detection;
  • 8 accent led pads;
  • 2 button pads;
  • Micro USB port (extended or integrated) for charging and PC connection;
  • Battery protection from discharge and overcharge;
  • Protected from reverse battery connection;
  • Maximum power supply – 5V;
  • Additional pads for secondary charge port;
  • Micro SD for Sound fonts and settings;
  • 3 preset Sound fonts;
  • Swing, Clash, Lockup, Stab, Blaster, Force, Combo, Spin, Flame blade effects;
  • NO NEED resistors to any led connections.