Kyle Katarn V3 hilt

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Kyle Katarn V3 hilt

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  • Hilt material – aluminum (anodized painting);
  • The blade is not included. To add a blade, check the boxes next to the “PixelBlade RGB” or / and “Dueling kit”;
  • Warsabers NeoCore or ProffieBoard soundboard with Smoothswings algorithm support ;
  • Removable battery NCR18650B, 3400 mAh;
  • Micro-USB / Type-C port on the case for charging and connecting to a PC. Micro-USB cable included. The power adapter is not included. (Adapter parameters: Output voltage – 5V, output current 1-2 A);
  • Bass speaker 28 mm, 2 W.
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The most accurate copy of the lightsaber Kyle Katarn – the main character of the game “Star Wars Jedi Knight”.


  • Design – Warsabers in coloboration with Maksim Tsvetkov, Russia;
  • Manufacturing – Warsabers, Russia;
  • Lenght: 320 mm;
  • OD: 38 мм;
  • Blade landing depth (aprox) – 35 mm;
  • Retention screw – M4, 1 pcs. Hex key included;
  • Hilt is designed for hard dueling.

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  • Soundboard Warsabers Cerberus (Russia) or Proffieboard* (USA). Smoothswings + Accent swings algorithm support;

*The price includes only basic firmware and a standard set of sound fonts from the official site of the soundboard developer. All other sounds, sound fonts and firmware are purchased separately and installed independently through the firmware of the board. Without updating firmware you can only replace pre installed sound fonts (not add new ones). Fonts can be replaced simply by your own by replacing files inside SD folders. Download Proffieboard datashet

  • ShtokCustomWorx Pogo-Pin connector with LEDs (Compatible with standard connectors from TCSS and similar);
  • Removable battery 18650, 3400 mAh.;
  • Micro-USB port on the hilt for charging and connecting to PC. Micro-USB cable included. Power adapter not included. (Adapter parameters: Output voltage – 5V, output current 0.5-1 A. Suitable for charging: PC, PS4, Xbox, Powerbank, telephone adapter with the necessary parameters);
  • Premium bass speaker D=28 mm, 2 W, 4 Om;

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